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Get Together Institute Of Finance provides professional education for traders who want to succeed in any market, and any asset class. Learn the art of investing through our unique methodological plan. We Offer Courses For Short Term Trading, Swing Trading, Position Trading, and Investment Theory for Stocks, Options, and Futures.

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Our courses are geared toward individual investors or traders, novice or experienced, who want to learn how to use the same tools ….


Invest in Initial Public Offer and take an advantage of primary market to create short term income, and  …..

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Why invest in Mutual Funds & SIP . Professionally managed – funds are managed by qualified fund managers. Tax saving……

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is the process of determining retirement income goals and the actions and decisions …..

Risk Management

Risk management helps cut down losses. It can also help protect a trader’s account from losing all of…..

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Be An Online Trader- Now you can open an Online Trading + Demat Account FREE. That is right, zero account opening charges.


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This course is for beginners, who are not aware of basic key components of Share Market. In this
This course is designed for those who wants to earn money by regular trading. Course include
Most options traders make the mistake of ignoring price direction, time decay and most important

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Sharekhan – Your Guide to the Financial Jungle! Launched on Feb 8th 2000 as an online trading portal, Sharekhan Limited today, is India’s leading online retail broking house. Best Investor Education & Category Enhancement – Equity Broker. Top Performer in New Accounts (Second) – NSDL Star Performer Awards 2015.