Types of Stock Trading

There are several types of trading in the stock market such as-

Intraday Trading: It is also known as day trading, the meaning is quite clear from the word itself. Intraday trading is when an investor buys and sells stocks within the same specific day. It is short-term, has lower risks, and less capital investment is required.

Delivery Trading: It is the form of a long-term investment and it is the most prevalent one in this type of trading, there is a scope for earning high dividends, voting rights, etc.

Swing Trading: In swing trading, the trader aims to hold the stocks for more than a day and benefit from the added momentum in the price of stocks. A good sense to understand the price trends in the market is very important for the trader so that he/she can generate high profits.

Technical Trading: In this type of trading, the trader needs to do a good technical market analysis. It is quite riskier than other trading methods.

Positional Trading: This form of trading relies on a 'buy and hold strategy. It requires heavy research and study before purchasing the stocks of a company whereas it does not require extensive monitoring of one's trading profile and market condition regularly.

Fundamental Trading: Fundamental trading is also called a borderline investment. In this type of trading, traders believe in a 'buy and hold strategy, leading to long-term trading i.e., investment.

Who Can Pursue a Career in Stock Trading?

Stock trading is a field which can be preferred by anyone from any educational and financial background. In the profession of stock trading, you need to have some knowledge about the stock as well as trading. Many people go through stock trading classes so that they can have a good command of stock trading.

If you are interested in finances, making money, and learning the market and strategy then yes stock trading is a career for you. In the profession of stock trading, one can earn a lot of money even with less investment but the risk is also higher if you don't invest wisely.

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