fundamental vs technical analysis

There are lots of blue-chip stocks those fundamental are very good and one who have invested in these companies might be he/she is getting a decent return. But what is going to be happen tomorrow this can be measured by technical analysis perfectly.
Because if all fundamental factor like income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement are good doesn’t mean stock is going to rocket every day, there might be some correction in its journey.
To identify these entry and exit point technical analysis will help a lot than fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis works on the past price movement of a security and uses this data to predict future price movements. While Fundamental analysis looks at economic and financial factors that influence a growth of company

A key difference between technical analyst and fundamental analyst:-

Technical analysts typically begin their analysis with charts on multiple time frame while fundamental analysis with a company’s financial statements.

Technical analysts believe that there is no reason to analyse a company’s financial statements because the stock price already includes all relevant information.

Human can lie but chart can’t

let’s take an example suppose we live in a society and we want to sell our flat, might be we will circulate the news to all society members that we want to sell our flat while may be our far relative will get to know this news later.
Similarly what is internally going on a company, board of directors, promoters etc. already know and they have planned their position according to that while we get any positive or negative news later. That’s the main reason we noticed during results sometime bad result and still stock move up like a rocket while on other hand dragged down in positive result.

Which one is good for trader and investor?

Trader and investor both have different goals in mind.
Fundamental analysis helps to identify long term opportunity so it’s good for investor. While Technical analysis helps to identify many short term, medium term and long term opportunity so it is good for both trader and investor.


Now we know both technical analysis and fundamental analysis have opposing approaches to analysing securities, but combination of both can give us a good success.
For example, if we use fundamental analysis to identify an undervalued stock and use technical analysis to find a specific entry and exit point for the position.
We can look at fundamentals to support our trade. For example suppose a stock is looking technically good and if we are looking at a breakout near an earnings report then we can look at the fundamentals to get an idea of whether the stock is likely to beat earnings.


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